Google Cardboard 2.0 Virtual Reality Viewer

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Google Cardboard 2.0 introduces a huge amount of improvements including a super responsive conductive foam button replacing the wonky magnet switch of version one. Google Cardboard 2.0 also comes pre-assembled and ready to use out of the box, eliminating the assembly headaches version one users have been cringing about! 

Each viewer is constructed from high-quality e-Flute grade cardboard for superb durability. 

  • Available in "original cardboard" and black
  • Works with Androids and iPhones 4-6" in screen size
  • Supports dozens of VR apps including YouTube, Vrse, Cardboard and more!
  • Pre-assembled, and securely packs away in a protective sleeve
  • Includes high-quality velcro head straps
  • Asymmetrical biconvex lenses.  37mm in Diameter with 45mm Focal Length