Solutions for Business

Helping you connect with your audience using new technologies. Driving engagement, reducing cost and ultimately boosting results. This is adding value to your business. We do this by creating immersive, engaging and interactive media.

Why We Service: 

    • Helping drive audience engagement and experience by creating immersive, interactive and engaging digital content.

Who We Service: 

    • Real Estate Agents & Brokerages 
    • Landlords & Property Managers
    • Builders & Construction Trades
    • Retail Locations & Franchises
    • Commercial & Industrial Owners

What We Do: 

    • HDR Photography
    • 3D Virtual Tours 
    • Cinematic Videography 
    • Areal Photography & Videography 
    • Design & Print Solutions 
    • Google Street View
    • Floor Plan
    • Virtual Reality

How We Deliver:

    • Experience our digital content using several platforms
    • Consume via desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile & VR headsets
    • Online hosting through Dropbox, Google Drive &
    • Share on your online platforms or social media 

How We Operate:

    • Insurance: $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability 
    • Ontario owned and operated corporation with all work done locally
    • We believe in operating sustainability to reduce our impact on the environment.